Being a DJ, producer, remixer, music culture researcher as well as a label owner, Anna Gavanas is a mainstay of the Swedish electronic music scene. When producing, her perfect sense for musical intensity and mellowness guarantees a captivating listening experience.


Aimnbreak makes intense and drum driven music for stressed out urban souls. Like Rhitalin for ADHD. He is the former drummer and producer that finally emerges from the background while foregrounding the drums.


Pufferfisk is a Swedish Italo/Synth duo from Stockholm.


Sidstar has a weakness for happy - go - lucky melodies and naive songs, oscillating between electro dub, hip hop beats and live jammed crazyness.


Ombudsman is one of Swedens finest IDM/Electronic producers.


Wirefire is inspired by funky acid lines, old school jungle breaks and hardcore elements, blazes with 303 acid lines, happy-go-lucky melodies and irresistible breaks.

Bass Trolls

Bass Trolls is a Dub duo from Stockholm Sweden.


Nuphlo's style is a delicate balance of eastern melodies, innovative beats and low subs.


A true master at work and a pioneer of the Swedish electronic scene.


Uzul, the French dub activist from Kaly Live Dub(JFX), has fallen in love with dubstep’s deep filthy bass lines and ruff beats.

Bass-Ul-Ulema Sound

Bass–ul–Ulema is a collective based in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, consisting of three dub fanatics - Monodread (producer/drummer), Vital Echo (producer) & Spectrum Qawali (musician/instrumentalist/vocalist), each of them anchored in different musical styles and projects before being assimilated to the realm of the mighty DUB.

Donna Maya

Donna Maya is a Berlin based musician, composer and producer of electronic music. Her music combines theremin playing with electronic beats and a reggae vibe to make a danceable sound.


Kutterfugel is Anna Giertz electronic solo project. A recollection of medieval and walking tracks are filtered through the memories of the track list, small town anxiety, and longing.


P.A.F began playing music at the age of 8 years. He is influenced by the sounds of High Tone and Kaly Live Dub among others.

Rona Geffen

Hard Core Pop. Music Producer // Vocalist. Drums Will Rule The Earth.


His music is created using various hardware stuff. Drummachines, synths (analogue and digital alike), tape echoes, filters, delays, reverbs.